Planning Your Future Since 1983

Pension Planners, Inc. is a third-party administration firm located in Naples, Florida. We provide consulting, recordkeeping, actuarial and administrative services for profit sharing, 401(k), 403(b), cash balance and defined benefit plans. Since 1982, we have been helping sole proprietors, small business owners, and non-profit organizations design retirement plans to meet their current financial needs with the flexibility to accommodate their changing goals. We offer a close confidential alliance with our clients’ Accountants, Financial Advisors, Security Brokers and Banking Trust Departments. With over 400 clients, we provide services to firms with as few as one participant and as many as 1,000 participants. Eighty percent of our clients are in Southwest Florida with the remaining located throughout the United States.

IRS approved prototype plans are available from major brokerage or banking firms at little or no charge. These prototype plans are popular with many small firms. However, many of these prototype plans restrict investment options to those provided by the sponsoring firm or their business associates. We specialize in tailoring plans for individuals and companies to provide them greater flexibility with their investment options and to include plan provisions that are more flexible. Your clients will find that we have reasonable set-up and maintenance costs. We can either design or redesign a plan that will better meet your client's needs. We are available to answer your questions throughout the year.

Plans We Administer Our Clients
Integrated Profit Sharing
Comparability Profit Sharing
401(k) Safe Harbor Match Integrated Profit Sharing    
401(k) Safe Harbor Non Elective Comparability
403(b) Profit Sharing
Defined Benefit
Cash Balance
Cash Balance – 401(k)
Medical Practices
Real Estate Agents
Law Firms
Accounting Firms
Retail Companies
Agricultural Businesses
Construction Firms
Country Clubs
Financial Institutions
Manufacturing Companies
Architectural Firms
Non-Profit Organizations
Software Firms